director, screenwriter and photographer

Such a simple coincidence as growing up around the corner from the Yugoslav Film Archive in Belgrade has left a striking mark on Stasha’s life. After receiving a degree in Philosophy from The University of Montana, playing jazz professionally and working as a creative in the ad business, he finally found it back to his first and the only true love – the cinema. Studying documentary film at the Ateliers Varan Paris has inspired him to approach the craft of filmmaking as a constant investigation of boundaries of cinema.

His films, documentaries and music videos have been shown and awarded at festivals through out the world. He has also worked as a writer and director for TV, most notably the reality series the Survivor. He currently focuses on music videos, commercials, documentaries and creative video content for the web. He is also working on his first feature Like It Never Happened.

Even though he currently resides in his native city of Belgrade, Serbia, Stasha has lived in San Francisco, New York City, the beautiful Montana, New Hampshire, Sweden and Slovenia.

In his spare time he continues to create music and snap stills to keep the senses keen. For whatever reason, don’t hesitate to get in touch